Germany indicts 2 suspected IS members

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Germany indicts 2 suspected IS members

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German prosecutors have indicted two suspected members of the Islamic State group, accused of participating in the execution of a high-ranking Iraqi official in 2014.

Federal prosecutors said Thursday that the two Iraqis were formally charged with war crimes as "member of a foreign terrorist organization."

They were identified only as 42-year-old Raad A. and 19-year-old Abbas R. Their surnames weren't released for privacy reasons.

Prosecutors said the older man acted as an accountant for IS in Mosul from June 2014 onward, while the younger performed armed patrols for the group in the city. Abbas R. is also suspected of transporting weapons and bodies of IS victims.

Raad A. allegedly tried to recruit fellow Iraqis into IS after mo ving to Germany in July 2015.

Both were arrested in May 2017.

Source: Google News Germany | Netizen 24 Germany

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